Stories for 2016

Year Episode Title
2016 1 BOFH: I want no memory of this pointless conversation. Alcohol please
2016 2 BOFH: In-depth IT training needs a single-malt distillery
2016 3 BOFH: This laptop has ceased to be. And it's pub o'clock soon
2016 4 BOFH: Sure, I could make your cheapo printer perform miracles
2016 5 BOFH: If you liked it then you should've put the internet in it
2016 6 BOFH: Thermo-electric funeral
2016 7 BOFH: What's your point, caller?
2016 8 BOFH: Follow the paper trail
2016 9 BOFH: I found a flying Dragonite on a Windows 2003 domain
2016 10 BOFH: Free as in free beer or... Oh. 'Free Upgrade'
2016 11 BOFH: The case of the suspicious red icon
2016 12 BOFH: There are no wrong answers, just wrong questions. Mmm, really wrong ones
2016 13 BOFH: The Idiot-ware Project and the Meaningless Acronym
2016 14 BOFH: The Hypochondriac Boss and the non-random sample