Stories for 2015

Year Episode Title
2015 1 BOFH: The Great HellDesk geek leave seek
2015 2 BOFH: The ONE-NINE uptime solution
2015 3 BOFH: Mmm, gotta love me some fresh BYOD dog roll
2015 4 BOFH: Never mind that old brick, look at this ink-stained BEAUTY
2015 5 BOFH: Explain? All we need is this kay-sh with DDR3 Cortexiphan ...
2015 6 BOFH: Getting to the brown, nutty heart of the water cooler matter
2015 7 BOFH: Step into my office. Now take a deep breath
2015 8 BOFH: Don't go changing on Friday evenings, I don't wanna work that hard
2015 9 BOFH: My diary is MINE and mine alone, you petty HR gimps
2015 10 BOFH: Knitting bobble hats on the steps of the guillotine
2015 11 BOFH: Why, I LOVE work courses. Please tell me more, o wise one!
2015 12 BOFH: An architect and his own entirely avoidable downfall
2015 13 BOFH: Power corrupts, uninterrupted power corrupts absolutely
2015 14 BOFH: Press 1. Press 2. Press whatever you damn well LIKE
2015 15 BOFH: I'm not doing this for the benefit of your health, you know
2015 16 BOFH: We're miracle workers. But you want us to fix THAT in 10 minutes?
2015 17 BOFH: How long does it take to complete Friday's lager-related tasks?
2015 18 BOFH: Taking a spin in a decommissioned racer? On your own grill cam be it