Are you BOFH Engineer Material – Part 2

Year 2000 - Episode 29

Episode 29 BOFH 2000: Episode 29

So you

Not put off by the compulsory lobotomy, the fashion-victim slacks? Well, this should sort out your destiny once and for all.

1. You've just replaced a bit of dud kit in a client's machine. The old part will be:

2. Ohms law says that two resistors in series:

A. Are equal to three resistors of the same amount, in parallel

B. Cost more than one resistor

C. Are longer than one resistor

D. Are equal to the value of the root of the sum of the squares of the other two sides

E. Require more soldering that one resistor (or two in parallel) and so therefore can be charged a greater labour fee

3. "No questions asked replacement Policy" means:

4. Ninety per cent of a particular disk release has failed. This would tend to suggest:

5. A machine you're working on fails boot diagnostics for no apparent reason. This is probably because:

6. You have a bit of a mishap and set a client's machine room on fire. You:

7. Your company markets a HOT SITE recovery service. This is:

8. A client rings you about cancelling the maintenance contract on a piece of their kit. You:

9. You visit a site and see a POWER SUPPLY FAIL light glowing brilliantly. You know you don't have one in stock, and also that your maintenance agreement

states that you must have a replacement unit within six hours. You:

10. You're servicing a piece of kit and realise that your earthing strap has disappeared from your kit. You:

Marking? Prizes? - Didn't we do that last week? ®

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